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Affordable, Effective & Long lasting Disinfection Against Invisible Enemies

Commercial & Office Disinfection Service

Looking for immediate office or commercial disinfecting services? Managing a commercial space that needs sanitizing? GermophobeX destroys viruses (including coronavirus COVID-19), germs & bacteria, colds & flu to reduce absenteeism and keep your facility and your family healthy. Give us a call! We offer superior disinfection services for homes and commercial spaces and we only rely on 100% safe, eco-friendly, epa approved, and non-toxic cleaning products and methods for the environment.

GermophobeX uses Germoshield Antimicrobial Protective Disinfectant Spray in conjunction with an electrostatic misting application system to provide the best possible disinfection for your education institution for up to 90 days.

We provide annual contract discounts for various commercial and office businesses.

Certification Certificate

Upon of completion of service, Germophobex will give you our certification of Disinfecting & Sanitizing which you can proudly display on your premises. This certificate assures your customers that your establishment has been treated with an EPA approved, non toxic, viral and bacterial anti-microbial terminating process that is guaranteed to protect against viruses (including Covid 19) for up to 90 days.

Providing disinfecting and commercial cleaning services for the following commercial, business and retail facilities












How It Works

Our disinfectant applications prevent microbial growth on hard
surfaces and fabrics. When applied, The Germophobex
electrostatic spray mist establishes an invisible nanolayer that
mechanically prevents microbial growth. The key function
of the disinfectant molecule is its long chain of
atoms that create spikes that are large enough to pierce the
cell wall of various microbes resulting in their elimination. This
will last on surfaces for 60-90 days or more depending on
friction while continuously preventing the build-up of viruses,
bacteria and germs. After each application, GermophobeX
customers receive a certificate of disinfection that includes
their name and date of application.


Disinfection Process - Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of electrostatic disinfection?
Electrostatic disinfection saves time, energy, and costs across the board by presenting a more efficient alternative to traditional cleaning techniques and antimicrobial applications. For desktops, floors and walls that need to be spotless, electrostatic spray cleaning is the best option. The same goes for equipment and hard-to-reach places and surfaces.

What are the benefits of continued use?
Electrostatic cleaning kills germs, bacteria and viruses from surfaces and lasts for 60 to 90 days. Electrostatic disinfectant begins to work within minutes of application. The surfaces should remain wet with applied solutions for at least two minutes to allow the appropriate dwell time.

Is electrostatic disinfection right for my workplace facility?
Electrostatic disinfection is used at countless types of business and facilities – homes, corporate buildings, medical and healthcare facilities, K-12 schools and university campuses, commercial kitchens, houses of worship, and gyms with equipment. Electrostatic disinfection is most beneficial to those places that see regular high traffic, contain hard-to-reach hard-to-reach objects that need cleaning, and have increased exposure to harmful microorganisms.

About Germophobex

GermophobeX provides continuous antimicrobial protection to your
facility and home. Unlike other cleaning companies that use hand-applied or sprayed toxic chemicals, GermophobeX utilizes the safest, greenest antimicrobial products and ELECTROSTATIC application technology available on the market today. Started by a serial entrepreneur and his best friend, the pair share over 30 years of experience in janitorial cleaning and sanitizing services & technology. They are pioneers in the electrostatic application of antimicrobial applications, proven to be highly effective in virus and bacterial
removal. GermophobeX understands the need to keep your family
and business protected. Call today to schedule a commercial disinfection service!


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